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Script Competitions - 2022 Edition

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Winning a screenplay competition can put you on the map as a screenwriter. Whether you're just starting out or a wearied semi-pro, having the nod of approval from industry respected competitions can lead to agents, managers, production meetings and work.

As long as your script has had trusted coverage and is in a strong place we wholeheartedly recommend you enter it into screenplay competitions. Even if you don't win - being longlisted can still help to get you seen by the right people. It's industry validation and that goes a long way.

As we know that researching these things can be arduous and confusing we've collected the upcoming dates from competitions that we rate and trust, so that you can focus on what matters - your writing! So if you have a killer screenplay sitting on your desktop; enter it into the most trusted competitions this year. Who knows, you might just launch your career to a place that otherwise would take yeeeeeaaars to achieve.

Competitions, dates and deadlines below. If you're planning on submitting, please always check the actual links to each competition, as sometimes deadlines and goal posts can change. And don't worry if you've missed a deadline for this year, make a note of the competition and come back to it next year. There are plenty of brilliant options with career changing prizes and exposure - shop around.

Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Feature films

Regular deadline: 2nd of April - $65

Late deadline: 2nd of May - $90

Austin Film Festival

Feature Screenplay deadlines:

Early Bird: 25th of March ($50)

Regular: 18th of April ($65)

Late: 16th of May ($80)

Short Screenplay & Teleplay deadlines:

Early Bird: 25th of March ($40)

Regular: 18th of April ($55)

Late: 16th of May ($65)

Bafta - Rocliffe

TV Comedy - Opens in April

Film - Opens in September

BBC - Writersroom

Drama & Comedy TV Scripts

Opening/Submission dates TBC: ‘Likely to be at the end of 2022’.

BBC - Thousand Stories

TV - drama/comedy

Dates TBC

BlueCat Screenplay




Regular: 11th of October 2021. Feature - $70, Pilot - $65, Short - $55.

Final: 14th of November 2021. Feature - $75, Pilot - $70, Short - $60.

Late:12th of December 2021. Feature - $80, Pilot - $75, Short - $65.

Final Resubmission: 21st of February 2022. Feature - $50, Pilot - $45,

Short - $35.

Final Draft


Dates TBC

Finish Line


Regular deadline: 13th of April - $40

Latecomers deadline: 22nd of June - $40

The Golden Script Competition

Shorts, Pilots, Features.

Final deadline: 19th of March

(Extended deadline- 29th of March)

Los Angeles international Screenplay Awards

Features, TV, Shorts

Late deadline: 18th of February - Short - $39, TV - $49, Feature - $59

Final deadline: 11th of March - Short - $45, TV - $55, Feature - $55

Page Awards

Screenplays and Teleplays

Late deadline: 10th of March

Save The Cat


Extended deadline: 27th of March


Rolling deadlines for different genres


Screenplays and Shorts

Deadline: 7th of March


TV Scripts

Final deadline: 13th of March - $59

Script Lab


Opening on the 1st of November

Script Pipeline


Deadline: 31st of May

Script Summit

Short scripts + Web Series, Synopsis, Treatments + Pitch Decks, Feature films, Pilots, Reality TV. On time deadline: 11th of March - $30 - $45

Late deadline: 13th of May - $35 - $50

Extended deadline: 15th of July - $45 - $60

Shore Scripts

Features and TV script deadlines-

Early bird: 31st of May

Regular: 31st of July Final: 31st of August



Early deadline: 4th of April

Regular deadline: 6th of June

Late deadline: 18th of July

Final deadline: 26th of July

UK Film Festival

Feature Scripts

Final deadline: 25th of February


The Black List

Screenplay showcase

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Film Freeway

Search engine for film festivals and screenwriting contests

Film Independent

VISIT Fiscal sponsorship, Grants

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


2022 Development Track

Application Opens: April 14, 2022


Did we miss any? If there's a screenplay competition that makes the grade in your eyes, let us know in the comments.

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