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Boosting Confidence as a Screenwriter

Confidence is key... here's how to get that key.

Do you ever look at other people and think 'Wow, I wish I was that confident?' Well, you are not alone.

As a screenwriter, having confidence in your work is essential to success. A lack of confidence can hold you back, making it difficult to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page.

Experiencing a lack of confidence can feel debilitating in any aspect of life but it's also really common, so you're definitely not alone. Luckily building confidence is a skill - a muscle for you to train.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you build and maintain confidence as a screenwriter:

Know your strengths:

Take the time to reflect on what you do well as a writer. Are you great at creating memorable characters? Do you have a knack for crafting suspenseful scenes? Knowing your strengths will give you the confidence to lean into them and make the most of them in

your writing. Pay attention to the thoughts you're thinking - are you being nice to yourself? Start treating yourself like a friend. Know that if you're writing your screenplay, you're already further ahead than most other writers. Own that! Write yourself a 'brag sheet' to read every time you're doubting yourself. You have strengths, so find them.

Read and watch widely:

The more you expose yourself to different styles of writing and storytelling, the more confident you'll become in your own abilities. Read screenplays and watch films from different genres, time periods, and cultures to broaden your horizons and gain inspiration. The more you learn the stronger your work will be. You'll also start to absorb screenplay methods via genre, formats and structure that will help inform your own writing. Notice what you like and don't like. Figure out why and how you would have done it better. Reading and watching is valid education to the art form of screenwriting.

Get feedback:

Receiving feedback from others can be challenging, but it's an essential part of improving as a writer. Your skin will be thin at first but it will thicken in time. Share your work with trusted friends/family who understand Film and TV, or writing groups and be open to constructive criticism. Use the feedback to identify areas for growth and make positive changes to your work. Script Stable obviously always recommends getting a professional script report done with a company you like and trust but go at your own pace/budget. If you're just starting out and are feeling delicate, start with people you know who can offer helpful feedback.

Embrace your unique voice:

Your voice as a writer is what sets you apart from others. Don't try to imitate someone else's style or voice; instead, focus on developing your own unique voice and perspective. The more you embrace your individuality, the more confident you'll become in your writing. And the more screenplays you write, the more your voice will develop and show. You're in this for the long haul right? What do you want to say with your scripts?

Write regularly:

Writing regularly helps you build momentum, develop your skills, and increase your confidence. Set aside time each day or each week to write, and make it a non-negotiable part of your routine. Sometimes writing can feel like a chore because you know it's not easy. You're right; it's not easy. But remind yourself that it's a privilege. Think of your future self having written the project. Feel the sense of achievement your hard work will give you in the future. Creating habits and consistent schedules for your writing will keep you on the straight and narrow with your screenplay. Your future self will thank you.

At the end of the day, confidence is a key factor in the success of any screenwriter. But just by simply showing up to write you will start to notice your confidence building. It can't not. Incorporate all of the above into your screenwriting habits and you can build and maintain the confidence you need to succeed in the world of screenwriting.

Reminder: focus on your strengths, expose yourself to different styles and influences, receive feedback, embrace your unique voice, and write regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Get your power pose going and start believing in yourself...

Did you find that helpful? We hope so. Let us know in the comments what tips you liked best and how you plan to implement them.



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