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Help For UK Screenwriters

As well as entering Script Competitions, there's a variety of funds and support out there for UK Screenwriters and Filmmakers. So, Script Stable have collected a list of companies and organisations that we recommend you check out.

Let's get started:


BFI NETWORK offers funding, mentoring, and support for emerging filmmakers, to help them develop their projects and advance in the industry.


ScreenSkills offers training, mentoring, and funding opportunities for individuals working in the screen industries, including writers and screenwriters.


BAFTA Guru provides resources, videos, and insights from industry professionals, which can be helpful for both emerging and established writers and screenwriters.

Channel 4 Screenwriting Course

Channel 4 offers an annual screenwriting course for emerging writers. A valuable opportunity to develop skills and connect with industry professionals.

Creative Skillset

Creative Skillset provides information, training, and funding for creative industries, including writing and screenwriting.

Arts Council England

The Arts Council provides various funding opportunities for writers and artists.

One (Three) For The Ladies...

Women in Film & TV (WFTV)

WFTV is a leading organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting women in the creative industries. They offer networking events, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities.

Birds' Eye View

Birds' Eye View is an organisation that focuses on supporting and celebrating women in film. They offer events, film festivals, and initiatives to help female filmmakers gain visibility.

Raising Films

Raising Films advocates for parents and caregivers in the film industry, including women. They provide resources, events, and initiatives to address the challenges faced by those juggling career and family.

Remember to check the eligibility criteria and application deadlines for each resource or program. These resources can help you connect with like-minded individuals, access funding, and develop your skills as a screenwriter in the UK.

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