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Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Family

Don't settle for less just because you have to accommodate little ones.

Welcome Aunties, Uncles, Friends, Carers and Big Kids parenting Little Ones.

Have you got kids coming to stay with you this Christmas? Wincing at the idea of having to watch crap TV with them?

Never fear! We've got a list of Christmas Movies that should please all ages.


If you've not seen Nativity (or the sequels) we won't blame you for wanting to give these films a pass, on first glance. BUT they're actually very funny. Cheesy but in a charming way, they are full of British talent and give more of an honest representation of British Schools (in the fact of the lack of budget). Nativity is a great film for younger children, whilst being entertaining for the adults too.


Kurt Russell is Father Christmas. Need we say more? It's always nice to have a modern classic and these hit that mark. These are entertaining Christmas movies that are held together with Kurt Russell's charisma. Starts off a little 'Hallmarky' but pays off.


We're not gonna beat around the bush, we couldn't find a gif for Arthur Christmas, hence, whatever this gif is? But head over to Netflix if you fancy a watch. It's a lovely modern Christmas animation from Ardman, focused around the pressures of a family business. Arthur, the son of Santa, goes against the grain to help save Christmas. It's full of heart, laughs and is definitely worth a watch.

FROZEN (& Frozen 2)

It's likely that the kids in your family have already seen Frozen but if you haven't and aren't feeling very enthused about watching it, we're here to tell you that it's worth it for Olaf. Frozen and its sequel contains strong story, great songs, adventure and stunning snowy backdrop. Unless you despise Disney films; you'll probably end up liking this more than you're expecting.


Again... no gifs. Something about Netflix animations? Who knew? Klaus is a great family film. Although we'd say that it's probably 6+. Not because it's too mature, just that younger children might not follow it/be a little bored as its not 'in your face' as some of the other animations. It's a brilliant script with deadpan performances, which is refreshing. Klaus follows the origin story of 'Santa' in an interesting tale about a postman and a toymaker who team up to spread happiness to their miserable town...but head into problems. It's witty and poignant.


Ok, so its no Jim Carrey but Illumination's animation of The Grinch (voice by Ed Helms) is funny and definitely more child-suited than its year 2000 predecessor. The kids will love it and you'll enjoy it too. It's a great modern version of everybody's favourite anti-hero.


One of Script Stable's underdog favourites, as seen on our Top Christmas Movie List Starring Rafe Spall as unlucky (and recently paroled) dad, trying to make it up to his son. When Santa (Jim Broadbent) crashes his sleigh and ends up in prison; the father and son duo embark on breaking him free in order to save Christmas.

HOME ALONE (& Home Alone 2)

Another cross-over from our other Christmas Movie Lists but Home Alone is the perfect Christmas Movie for every age. The perfect double-bill of Christmas films. Home Alone and its sequel Lost in New York, is the best way to kick off the holiday season. Funny, charming, slapstick-bad-guy-comedy, brilliant one liners and a fabulous soundtrack. Can't go wrong.


This one might ruffle some feathers but it's a good one to have on stand by. If you've already watched Home Alone 1&2, this remake isn't half bad. Obviously it doesn't compare to the originals but it's got a fantastic cast and all the slapstick comedy you'd want. We think they did a really great job on it, considering it's a very tough act to follow.


Another one from our Top Christmas Movie List It's our favourite. Fun and silly, there's humour for all the family.


Anyone who denies that this is a masterpiece is off their rocker. It's a muppet musical with an Oscar-worthy performance from Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge. Charles Dickens would be proud. Between the classic literature adapted into a child friendly story, the Muppets and songs that knock it straight out the park in every scene; this film could be the all time greatest Christmas film ever made. There, we said it.


If you like Shrek, you'll like the Christmas version. It's a short film (20 mins). So, a good one to put on in a Christmas lull or a hands full, need to distract the kids for 20 mins. There's not a huge amount to say on this one - it's everything you'd expect from Shrek. In a good way.

PADDINGTON (& Paddington 2)

If you've not seen the Paddington Movies, you're really missing out. Although neither of them are strictly Christmas Movies, they are funny, heartwarming films about the power of family, so thematically they're great for Christmas. Good to have in the back pocket if you've watched all the other Christmas Movies.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments what your favourite family friendly Christmas Movie is.



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