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Background Noise For Writing

Focus with audio timers to help your write more.

If you're a screenwriter or aspiring writer in need of some help removing distractions then you're in the right place!

We've released a series of Script Stable Audio Timers on YouTube to help keep you accountable; allowing you to focus on your writing instead of the clock. 15 Minute Intervals of Focus and Background Noise for you to use when you write.

Setting timers for writing is a proved method that we swear by here at Script Stable. Also creating a routine, like grabbing a drink and setting up a timer before you write can help to build strong habits that increase your productivity and keep you consistent. That's why we've stepped it up a notch and combined both of those elements to help you with Audio Timers: Rain, Waves, Ambient Cafe, and Focus Music.

Typically writers fall into two camps.

Camp A:

Camp B:

Camp A need silence to concentrate and Camp B need atmosphere in order to work. There's no right or wrong, just preference but Camp A, often end up liking *White Noise when they discover it (if you're Camp A, you'll probably like the Rain Audio). And Camp B can't always afford to go and sit in cafes everyday (if this is you, may we suggest our Ambient Cafe Audio). *Script Stable are working on some Colour Noise Audio's as we type, so look out for those on the Script Stable YouTube.

This productivity hack for writing sets a timer without you constantly having to look at your phone. Allowing you to focus solely on your writing. Set the timer by playing the video and leaving it out of reach as you write.

The perfect for tool for writers who struggle with distractions. Made for screenwriters looking to finish their screenplay, this audio can also be used for all writing and studying purposes.

By starting with just 15 minutes, it eases you into the practice of sitting down to write. The best way to start productive habits is by not overwhelming yourself. If you can only write for 15 minutes a day then in the long run, you'll still achieve your writing goals. But as an added bonus, a lot of writers just press repeat on the audios and keep going.

If our YouTube videos help you, then please leave them a like and subscribe to stay up to date with our upcoming audios, as well as tutorial shorts in the works.

Now set the timer and get writing!

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